Onstream Systems

Onstream Systems is an imaging software company that specializes in helping organizations work with scanned documents on their desktop, or over the web. Prima distributes and supports two of Onstream's software packages: Trapeze and RapidRedact.

The Trapeze suite of solutions is designed to allow businesses quick access to vital information at the times when they most need it, enabling them to better serve their own customers. Trapeze Capture is a scanning solution for documents of any size, format, or complexity.
With Trapeze, you can:

RapidRedact is redaction software for compliance with Privacy Acts & Freedom of Information requests. It provides fast, easy to use redaction tools for irreversibly blanking out (redacting) selected information within documents. RapidRedact can be used with ANY scanned document or image including Word, Emails, Excel or PDF documents.

We continue to be satisfied with the quality of service and their timely manner in responding to our requests.